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Charming house with breathtaking panoramic views
This semi detached property is entirely soth facing and sits on hill overlooking the nearby valleys. The property has recently been fully renovated with taste and in respect of its original features, making it the prettiest house in the whole village. The property is totally immersed in a natural setting within the Monte Fenera Natural Park and located a stone’s throw away from Lake Orta, as well as a few kilometres from Valsesia and from the famous ski slopes. Thanks to its sunny position and its stunning setting the property would be an ideal holiday home as well as being suitable to be rented out as a B&B. The property develops on three levels as follows: • 4 cellars on the first floor • Kitchen, one bedroom, two woodsheds and two courtyards on the second floor • Three bedrooms, one bathroom and two rustic rooms on the third floor. For more information do not hesitate to contact the number +39 351 7609559
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